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  • Commercial EMS

    With the advent of AED technology, Commercial EMS was developed to extend a new level of protection to new and current nationwide commercial clients through AED sales, comprehensive AED operation, training and program management services. These services are performed by our certified CPR/AED instructors and trained service affiliates who will conduct on-site AED inspections and maintenance.

    Commercial EMS is a nationally renowned commercial service entity. We are the single-point business who will organize, maintain and service your AED program from start to finish by providing:

    • AED and AED accessory sales
    • Medical oversight and direction
    • On-site survey and AED deployment
    • Local EMS notification
    • Initial and refresher CPR/AED training courses
    • On-site AED installation, inspections, and maintenance
    • Web-based tracking of AED locations, inspections, and training
    • Continued AED program evaluation

    Commercial EMS will customize your AED program to fit your needs for your location!