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  • Affiliate Network

    Having true nationwide coverage is what makes Commercial Services stand out in the Fire Life Safety Field.  Recruiting our affiliate partners is something Commercial Services takes seriously.  Commercial Services offers its customers quality, dependable job performance; thus we set our standards high when selecting our affiliate partners. All work performed is monitored, graded and reported for accuracy and consistency. Our goal is to offer our Commercial customers service in a professional, seamless manner and we accomplish this by contracting specialized, trained, honest and hard working affiliate partners throughout the United States, Canada and Caribbean Islands.

    Commercial Services is proud to be associated with our affiliate partners.  Our in-house corporate staff has developed strong working relationships with our affiliate technicians.  We work together for the common goal – to keep our customers happy and coming back, to grow our business and to form allegiances that are mutually beneficial to all.  It’s our teamwork and continuity that have made us what we are today – outstanding in the Life Safety Field.

    If you are interested in joining our Affiliate Network, please send an inquiry to your specialty below. Help us grow your business by growing ours.  We look forward to hearing from you.

    Fire Protection / Monitoring Services

    Kitchen Exhaust / Environmental Services