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  • Nationwide Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Did you know, the leading source for restaurant fires are found to be in the kitchen? Don’t letthis happen to you! Let Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning minimize the risk of fire by cleaning the kitchen exhaust and hoods!

    Operating under the umbrella of Commercial Services, Inc., Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning has grown into providing Nationwide Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services for our expanding customer base. Working with both our self-performing technicians and our network of approved affiliate partners, today we are the nation’s largest Restaurant Hood and Duct Cleaning Company; providing hood, duct, and exhaust fan cleaning for many of the largest restaurant and retail corporations in all 50 states, Canada, and the Caribbean.

    Nationwide Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning cleans in accordance with NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. Our technicians inspect the exhaust system using a 12 point “check in” and take before and after pictures, providing you peace of mind that the cleaning was thorough. All equipment in the area surrounding the exhaust hood is covered with plastic.  A plastic funnel is constructed to divert the water, degreaser and grease from our cleaning process into a container for disposal preventing the grease from getting on the equipment and floor. Our technicians will then apply a degreasing chemical (developed exclusively for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning) to the exhaust fan, all ductwork, filters and the hood canopy. All stainless components of the system such as the hood canopy and backsplash are wiped down and polished. Lastly, the floor in the service area is cleaned and any grease that may have settled on the roof or parking areas is removed. Commercial Kitchen Exhaust can offer you this entire service for an affordable and competitive price!

    What’s even more than providing an exceptional Hood and Duct cleaning? Our in-house coordinators will follow-up with a Quality Assurance phone the next day to ensure satisfaction!  We trust that when the technicians leave, you the customer, will be pleased! Commercial Services.. providing National Hood and Duct Cleaning.


    Did you know the leading source for restaurant fires are found to be in the kitchen?   “The Commercial Advantage” takes care of all your life safety needs, keeping your properties in compliance and your clientele safe from harm.

    Safety Shield Filters

    Safety Shield filters are constructed from natural wool fibers that have a strong affinity to hold oil and grease. By using a simple hardware mount, the filters are installed upstream of the metal baffle filters and capture up to  98%* of the airborne oil and grease particles before they enter the ductwork.