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  • Commercial Fire Monitoring utilizes an integrated, fully computerized central station that relies on new technology and a highly trained professional staff to provide excellence and innovation in monitoring services.

    As a leader in computerized operations and communications, we take special pride in our advance technology. Behind the technology, you will always find experienced, professional personnel who understand your business and are prepared to tailor a program of services to meet your precise needs.

    Our goal is to provide confidence that your investment/asset is protected from loss. Contact Commercial Fire Monitoring to develop a customized monitoring program for you.


    Technical Support

    The Associates of Commercial Fire Monitoring bring years of experience, dedication, and professionalism to assist you in protecting your business. Our project managers are available for technical support to assist you with panel operations, set up of new accounts, employee pass code changes, and phone line or communications transmission problems. Our project managers are trained and knowledgeable in the latest technology to assist in establishing the most economical monitoring solution.

    Central Station

    Commercial Fire Monitoring through our Central Stations provides a service that has redundancy with the following site locations: one in Florida, one in California, one in New Jersey. In case of emergency, our multiple locations will take over without delay. All locations are UL certified monitoring stations.

    Central Station

    Commercial Fire Monitoring offers monitoring protection for burglary and fire alarm panels. Our expertise allows monitoring of all major brands of panels.

    Our monitoring solutions offer traditional Potts line (standard phone line), internet protocol, and cellular transmission means of communication for both fire and burglar alarms to our central stations.