Amusement Parks

Gas Stations, Truck Stops, and Other Convenience Stores

Amusement Parks

From rides to restaurants, Commercial Fire has the knowledge and know-how to meet all of your Fire and Life Safety needs. We understand special hazards and commercial kitchen systems succinctly. We also know emergency lighting, alarm systems, and fire sprinklers inside out. And put all of the knowledge and know-how to work for you not only keeping your park safe, but keeping your operation compliant at the local, state, and federal levels.

What's more, we're prepared to meet your needs all across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, thanks to our broad network of highly trained, certified affiliates. And everything is centralized through Commercial Fire, so you have just one contact for all work. Plus, our customized service plans, detailed record-keeping, and automated service scheduling means you get the attention you need—24/7.

What We Offer

    Fire Protection Services:
    • Inspection
    • Custom Maintenance Programs
    • Design & Installation
    • Repairs
    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning (Hood, Duct, & Exhaust Fan):
    • Inspection
    • Grease Abatement
    • Custom Maintenance & Cleaning Programs

Our Solutions

  • Single Point of Contact
  • Nationwide Plus Canada & Caribbean Coverage
  • Unsurpassed Customer Service
  • Customized Service Programs
  • State-of-the-Art Information Management
  • Cost-Cutting Strategies to Save You More


  • Highly Trained & Certified Internal Staff & Affiliate Partners
  • Corporate office departments with team members with actual field experience
  • Familiar with All Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Codes, Regulations & Standards
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