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Illuminated Path To Safety

Required by code, exit signs and emergency lights are key pieces of life safety equipment, designed to illuminate a means of egress for occupants, to safely vacate a building in the event of power failure. And with the U.S. experiencing more long-lasting power outages than any other developed country in the world, emergency lighting is critical to your employees and patrons.

Why Choose Commercial Fire for your Exit/Emergency Lighting Service

When no other light is available, you need to ensure your building's Exit and Emergency Lights are running flawlessly. Commercial Fire inspects, tests, and services exit and emergency lighting in accordance with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code and OSHA requirements.

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Maintenance Schedule

Every Month
  • Confirm lamps are aimed in correct direction and properly illuminate
  • Inspect housings for any damage
  • Keep monthly log for inspection up to date for authority having jurisdiction
  • Click test switch for 30-seconds to ensure it is in working order
  • Make Sure all areas of building have required emergency lighting in designated places
Every Year
  • Thorough inspection of all units
  • 90-minute required battery and lighting system test
  • Verify unit is in correct condition and the voltage of the battery is in good order
  • Check that AC/DC lamps or bulbs are in working order
  • Ensure charging circuit is working properly
  • Apply test label to E-light units upon
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The CF Inspection Process

  • E-light positioning
  • Housings
  • Batteries
  • Perform 30-second functional test
  • Perform 90 minute test (bulbs & batteries)
  • Confirm lamps are properly aimed
  • Attach compliance certification

Commercial Fire is also available 24/7, should you need additional service. From replacing and repairing to installing new equipment, we're your total emergency and exit light service solution.

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