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Who We Are: A Nationwide Solution

Founded in 1988, Commercial Fire has grown into a nationwide fire and life safety provider. As an industry leader, we help to protect life and property, by working with an extensive network of approved affiliate partners. Our services are used by some of the largest restaurant, retail, and grocery and convenience stores throughout the U.S., protecting all of their interests. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, we are one of the few who can truly organize, maintain, and service all of your fire and life safety needs.

What We Do: Reliable Service

Providing turnkey solutions to our customers' fire and life safety needs is our primary goal. Be it Fire Protection, Kitchen Hood Cleaning, or Emergency Lighting and Alarms, Commercial Fire is equipped to handle all our customers' fire and safety needs. And fast, thanks to our blanket coverage in all 50 States! Our services, augmented by industry experts trained and certified within their respective fields, ensure overall fire protection and life safety compliance at both the corporate and local levels.

Commercial Fire is also home to Safety Shield Disposable Filters, which reduce the need for kitchen exhaust cleaning, because they reduce grease in the hood, metal filters, ductwork, and fans, virtually eliminating grease accumulation on roofs. While we are nationwide, we have never lost our focus on local communities. Our network, at its heart, is made up of local providers and technicians all brought together by a central cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are nationwide.

We offer inspections, repairs, and maintenance for Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinkler & Backflow, Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency & Exit Lights, Fire Hoses & Standpipes, Special Hazard Fire, and Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.

No, we use local service teams in every community with centralized management.